Welcome to the latest news: Here you will find the latest news about our site, new sites added to our network, traffic services, exchange services, and traffic products that we are offering. The biggest news we have to report is our new site design, and the new scripts that either have just come out, or will be releasing soon. We have just redesigned the site, and we hope that you like it. We have made it easier for you to navigate the site, and make it easier for you find our products, and services that we offer you.  We have added more services, automation, and new traffic programs for our clients. We have also added a verification process for all new clients. You can read more about it below, but it has become necessary now a days. We are trying to protect you/us from fraudulent payments!! We take our business, & clients seriously, & want to give them the best possible services,
& support. We work closely with our clients, & resellers on a one to one basis to give them the best services. We have been in this business since 1999, and not going anywhere anytime soon.


 8-15-11 We have redesigned Our Site:
The site basically stays the same, but we have made some changes to make it easier for you to navigate the site, and added more automation for certain programs.

 7-15-11 We Have Added More Exchange Services:
We have added FREE new exchange services for our clients. There are many to choose from including, banner exchange, text link, startpage exchange, exit exchange, and others. Exchange services help bring new visitors to your site, and brand awareness. All exchange services are free to you to use at your leisure, join one, join all. You can join the one of these services at one of our network sites here
exchange services here.

  7-15-11 New Generators Added:
 We have added 3 new generators to our growing list of FREE generators that you can use to improve your site, and business. (1) We have added a new advanced banner generator, (2) We have added a new badge generator, (3) We gave add a new Myspace profile generator. We have over 30 generators that you can use, visit our
one of these services at one of our network sites here generator page here.

  7-15-11 New Dr. Traffic Script:
We have added this new product to our list of products that we offer. This was developed by us, and used for many years to deliver the traffic that you will receive from us. If you own a lot of domain names, sites, or network of sites, then this is a script that will count the traffic by the day/week/month/year, and be able to redirect to where ever you want, view the
details here.

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